Friday, May 28, 2010

Fantastic Four Friday - Summer Sandals

Well, it's finally hot out there,  which means skimpy clothing and sandals are making their appearances. So in the spirit of brand loyalty, I would repost my favorite sandals post from last year since nothing has changed in my love for these sandals.

Here are my Fantastic Four Sandals for the Summer:

1. Reefs Ginger - My friend, J turned me on to these a few years ago and they are my go to sandals for the summer. Comfortable, cushioned and form to fit your feet as you walk.

2. Birkenstock Gizeh - I resisted wearing Birkenstocks for years or should I  say pretty much half my life. Seriously, it is the ugliest shoe known to man. Sometimes, fashion wins out over comfort. But a few years ago, someone

at the company wised up and started making cuter designs for women. Then I began seeing this version of the sandal all over the city which was super appealing and comes in a ton of cute colors. Of course, I had to ask every woman wearing them if they liked them and the statistically, unscientific response was an overwhelming, Yes. So I broke down and bought a pair and I love them. Fashionable but with the Birkenstock comfort.

3. Jack Rogers Navajo Flat Sandals - This sandal has been a perennial favorite of the Upper East Side and Palm Beach for years. The sandal became popular after Jackie O wore them in the 60's. In my opinion, it's a little dressier sandal but others would disagree as I see them pretty much everywhere. The problem with this sandal is that it comes in a million colors and since I don't have Oprah money and can only afford to buy a pair in every color, I bought pink. Why pink? Who knows? I am sure I was in my " I am not buying black today mood, I need color, dammit."So the flip side is that I can only wear the sandals with a few outfits. But so cute, it makes me want to go and buy more... Stop me.
4. Havianas - The cool, hip Jamaican sandals worn by Jamaicans and

supermodels. I discovered these sandals while actually in Jamaica a few years ago. They are cute, comfortable and affordable. This sandal comes in a host of colors to choose from, so go wild and buy a ton to match your favorite outfits.
"Supermodel, work, work it, girl?"Just a little RuPaul homage.

What are your favorite summer sandals?


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