Monday, May 10, 2010

Maybe There is Someone Jewish in the Family - Summer Camp Part 2

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Summer Camp Dilemma,  summer camp is a big topic right now in the city.

As you might expect, your kids want to participate in activities with their school friends and summer camp is no different. My daughter has been pestering me to find out where two of her classmates are going.

I finally ran into one of the moms after drop off and asked her where her daughter was going and she told me a camp outside the city.

I said  "That's nice, it's pretty there." And then she leaned over and said "It's a Jewish summer camp."

I am thinking okay, not for us, not so much because it's a Jewish camp because her current camp actually incorporates little elements of the Jewish religion (e.g. making Challah bread, observing Jewish holidays, etc.) but because she would be the only black kid there. Don't write in, I know there are black Jews in the world.

Before I had a chance to respond, "Hey, maybe it's not for us,"she says "It's a great camp, maybe there is someone Jewish in your daughter's family and you could still apply."

Be aware, she knows my daughter is adopted. And before you jump to any conclusions about her motives,  I have had playdates with this family and she in no way said it a condescending or facetious or any other kind of way. She really is a nice person and I took her comment to be sincere and wanting me not to feel excluded.

I think I muttered something like, "I don't think so but hey you never know" and left it at that.

This is so an "Only In New York Story."


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