Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Other Car is a Ferrari - Getting Around New York City

Most New Yorkers don't have a car for the simple fact that the monthly maintenance to have a car in the city is $$$. Living here is expensive enough, unless you have some great rent stabilized apartment.  If you meet someone with a car, do the math in your head, monthly lease = $400-600, monthly parking = $250-500,  insurance ($have no idea) and gas. That's a lot. Way out of my league.

So how do I get around, when I need to buy tons of stuff; the traditional "granny cart." When I moved to New York City, I refuse to buy one, it seemed so unseemly and less than chic. The only people pushing them were old ladies. I resisted for a long time, buying other more attractive and expensive carts. Alas, those more expensive carts could not do the heavy hauling I needed.

I finally broke down and bought a granny cart. And why? I was spring cleaning last year and I had to go to the Salvation Army with a gazillion bags to donate. The idea of taking a taxi seemed ludicrous as well as making 10 trips to get it all out of my house. So I bought the granny cart and made one trip.

This week, again,  it's spring cleaning time and they were having paper sale at the Staples so the granny cart out made an appearance on the street.

Donations for the Salvation Army

Staples Run  (Of course, you are wondering why I have so much paper, there was a sale plus Staples rewards promotion, Daddy Mitch at is schooling me on the ways of saving at Staples.) 


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