Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Setting the Table

Yesterday, my daughter decided to surprise me. She made sit in her room while she went about her business telling me not to open the door and until she was ready. After about 10 minutes, she came to get me, told me to close my eyes and led to me to the kitchen. She then asked me to help her pour the milk into glasses because the milk jug was too heavy (smart girl.) Then she led me back into the other room. Another five minutes passed and she said was ready.

Well lo and behold she had set the table, brought the food and drinks to the table and folded the napkins into an intricate triangle (see going to nice restaurants does pay off.) She even found the trivet she made in pre-school to use for the pot.

Sweet, right.

Oh, I forgot,  then she said a prayer. Let me say for the record, when I was growing up we never said a prayer at the dinner table. This is something she does on her own which I am happy to support.


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