Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet my Fellow Kids Club Blog Ambassadors

A few weeks ago, I was chosen to be one of Channel 13 Kids Club Ambassadors. I wanted to introduce you to my fellow Kids Club Ambassadors. I know some of the ambassadors and am certainly looking forward to getting to know the others.

NY City Mama  - Carol is one of my favorite people to run into at events. She is always willing to answer my blog questions and is just plain great to be around. She is also my editor at NY

Melissa Chapman - What can I say about  Melissa, the hardest working mom from Staten Island. I have forgotten how many sites she writes for but it's a ton. Another fun person to hang with at events. - Nicole provides the best in shopping trends for moms from pregnancy through pre-school.

Selfish Mom - What is there to say about Selfish Mom ? Amy's ascerbic wit and honesty just kills every time.

DadaRocks - Although I have only met Adam a couple of times, he has been fun to hang with. I love reading his blog if only to get a guy's take on what's happening out there.

Queens Mama - I have been following queens mama since I first started my blog. We have never met but it's only a matter of time. She is so totally rocking the Queens scene.

Coast2Coast - I recently met Heidi and she is fantastic. She is always super friendly when I run into her and always has a smile on her face. And if you are looking for toppers for cupcakes, she is your gal. She also happens to be one of those tech moms, more power to her.

The following blogs are new to me  but I am so looking forward to getting to know the people behind the blogs

Culture Mom  - A blog for moms who want to maintain their love of culture and travel and who want to pass that passion onto to their kids.

Macaroni Kid  - Monica is a publisher and editor of Macaroni Kid for the upper east side.

Stage Mama  - Have a question on show biz, Julie your expert.

Metalia - Get that name right or you might a note from her. Just kidding. Very funny blog.

A Child Grows -  A great resource for Brooklyn parents.


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