Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank You Kiki Shaffer of the 14th Street Y

Yesterday, there was a story in the New York Times about Kiki Shaffer, the director of the 14th Street Y's Parenting, Family and Early Childhood Center.

I am so happy that Kiki is getting recognition because her mommy and me class was such a godsend to me when I first adopted my daughter.

After I came home from the adoption agency, I spent a few days with my family and then came back to New York with my daughter.  My sister came along to help out for a few days but for 2 1/2 months it was all me, all day, every day.

While I was lucky enough to have the time off to bond with my little baby girl, it was a pretty isolating experience. Yes, people came over but that leaves the other 22 hours to take care of an infant by myself.

Finding the mommy and me class at the 14th Street Y literally saved my sanity only because it forced me to leave the house and interact with other mothers who had just had a baby.

And years later, she supported having a single moms support group hold our meetings at the Y. That single moms group led to meeting single mom  who have I bonded with and am still friends today.

I am glad the Times found her and profiled her because, so often most of the stories are master of the universe stories or some young goofball becoming an internet billionaire (and no, I don't begrudge either group), but anyone who helps mothers and families never seems to get their due.

In the end, Kiki's work helps more families than Facebook or Twitter.

Kudos to you Kiki.


Anonymous said...

What a great lady. I'm so glad her support was there for you. It great when good people are recognized.

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