Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up - Dance Recital to Celebrity Interview

So it's Wednesday and I am barely recovering from the weekend of non-stop events. Saturday was my daughter's annual dance recital (sorry, no photos), she was cute and very good (brag much.)  Prima ballerina, probably not but she still loves going to dance class every week, so we will stick with it and until I hear, "I hate it."

Her posture and focus on stage has so greatly improved from where we started three years ago which of course, was my original goal of signing her up for ballet class.

The day of the recital is such a long day. She had to be all the way uptown and for those of you who don't live in Manhattan, it takes about an hour door to door to get from downtown up past Harlem.  We had to be there at 10 and the recital started at 4. I have no idea why???

My friend was out of town so I was able to hang out at her apartment on the upper east side so I did not have to go all the way home. What a mini-vacation! I did not know hanging out in someone else's apartment for an afternoon alone was so refreshing. Maybe it was the change of venue or her view, she has a terrace that it was so relaxing.

On Sunday, we headed to the Skinny Cow Perfect Cup event in Soho. I have been to a lot of events but Skinny Cow and Warner's really had the organization down pat. Imagine hundreds of women lining up for a bra fitting. The women doing the fitting were really good at finding the right bra size and right bra. A free bra was worth the effort. Of course, we were able to try Skinny Cow's new product (full review will be forthcoming on NYC Single Mom Reviews.)

Bullet Bra 

Not done yet. As if getting a free bra, trying new ice cream product wasn't enough, I interviewed supermodel Veronica Webb (again, full interview to come.) A teaser, she was gorgeous and super nice, and I am serious about the nice part, not an ounce of arrogance at all. She totally made me felt at ease.

Veronica Webb announcing winners of the Skinny Cow raffle. 

After the event, I had to take my daughter to an old haunt of mine Bar 89. Back in the day, my friends used to end up there for dinner. It's exactly the same. Decor, food and the most of all the bathrooms. The bathrooms were well known all over town. When the bathroom doors are open, you can see into them but when you lock the door, the glass frosts up and obstructs people from seeing in. Lots of stories about people doing the nasty in those bathrooms and "forgetting" to lock the doors.

Hamburger and fries for lunch, every american child's dream meal.
The bathrooms - one on the right is locked so you can see in. 

And finally, we headed to the Scholastic store to choose some chapter books for the summer.

Busy, right. Whew I am tired just writing this post.


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