Friday, July 23, 2010

Mashable Link Round Up - July 23 Weekly Reading Pleasure

  • Shinybrite provides all the different ways she has used Mabel's Labels to tag her son's numerous items and fun way she personalized her son's "dog"tags and her helpful tips for spending the day at Coney Island. Don't go until you read it. 
  • A Child Grows in Brooklyn provides a Eczema 101 primer for parents who are experiencing the rash or what to look out for and when more importantly, when it's time to got to a specialist. Did you know that you don't have to have been in the water to get swimmer's ear? Click here to read what causes swimmer's hear, how to detect if your child has swimmer's ear and what you could you do to treat it. 
  • Check out the latest in baby shower gifts from There are some super sweet gifts in the collection from personalized bowl and mug set to most adorable stuffed animals.
  • Thinking about a family cruise? Culture mom describes why cruises make great family vacations. She provides a listing of the major cruise line deals where kids sail for free. 
  • Mad Men fans don't miss out. Click here for details on twitter party to be held the night of the Mad Men premiere to be held on Sunday, July 25 at 10pm. 
  • Learn why momdelicious thinks  "patience is a virtue" in getting her son to take swimming lessons.
  • Does having a baby in a natural delivery more of woman than women who have "drugs" or c-section any less of a woman. Read mom delicous' take on the comment made to her about being a real woman. 


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