Sunday, July 18, 2010

New York City is a Small Town

The borough of Manhattan has 1.5 million people living in it. Scary, isn't it? But on any given day, if you are a parent, you are bound to run into another parent over the course of the week and that excludes camp and school.

This past week, I ran into a pre-school mom friend at the supermarket. During the summer, I never see them since they are out at their summer house so that was a pleasant surprise.   Our daughter's have been BFF's since pre-school and have been taking ballet every week for 3 years.  She and her husband (a great and funny guy) are both amazingly down-to-earth, funny and just fun to be around.

And yesterday, coming back from a birthday party, I ran into a single mom friend who I have been trying to arrange a playdate with for weeks. We ended having a mini-playdate and dinner. If I had tried to arrange this, it would have never happened. We had fun, the kids had fun and I got to enjoy a non-pizza related meal (2 ginger mojitos and drunken noodles for  me, yeah.)

So here's to living in small town New York City.


Anonymous said...

I love this about NYC! Unexpected encounters with friends :)

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