Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pearl S. Buck Foundation - Saving Lives Everyday - Event Hosted by NYC Single Mom and Mommy Factor

This week Onica ( and I hosted an event highlighting the Pearl S. Buck International Foundation. The event was part of Johnson's "Girl Talk Cause Party," Johnson's committment to raise awareness about worthwhile causes, in connection with B-Link Network.

I was excited that Onica asked if I wanted to co-host the event given that I adopted my daughter and because I am supportive of all the amazing work that The Pearl S. Buck foundation is doing to help kids to live a better life.

Amina from was our guest speaker and provided a start to a great discussion on what it means to grow up bi-racial in the Phillipines and Brooklyn. Interesting, right?

Being bi-racial in today's age is no big deal, even the President is bi-racial. And speaking personally, as a bi-racial person, my mom was Japanese and my father was African-American, I think often about lucky I am to be an American.

Unfortunately, bi-racial children in other countries especially Asia are not so lucky. The Pearl S. Buck foundation works to try to make a better life for these kids who are denied the basic rights; right to an education, healthcare and most of allm, acceptance that we all take for granted. These children pay the price for their parents.

If all you do is pass the word onto your readers and friends/family about the Pearl S. Buck foundation, my work is done.

And there are other ways of making difference than adopting a child. To learn more about how the foundation provides health and education assistance, cultural events which improves the quality of life and provide opportunities for children in various countries, visit Pearl S. Buck Foundation

Thank You to all our sponsors for without their support, this event would not have taken place.

Johnson's Baby Oil and The B-Link Network

Johnson's provided Johnson's products for the attendees. 

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nd thanks to all the attendees. 
Southard Communications 
Thanks to Esther and Bill at Southard Communications for graciously providing conference room space for our event. Visit Southard Communications to learn more about their client roster. 

And thanks to all the attendees. 


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