Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where's My Single Mom Reality Show- Now it's just Kate plus Eight

Originally posted October 02, 2009 on NYC Moms Blog. 

In tribute to Kate being on The View last week, I thought I would offer last year's post after her "world" started unraveling. 

As you can see, I was wrong about the show going away but I still ask where's my reality show TLC?

For months, like most of America, I have been riveted to the train wreck that is Jon and Kate Gosselin. I was an early fan of the show and unlike the majority of people, am a Kate fan. I always knew she would prevail as she has a better public relation's team than Jon and is smart enough to stay out of the public eye. And no, having TMZ follow you to Target does not count. 
I had no idea how this melodrama would play out but it never occurred to me that TLC would get rid of Jon and re-title the show "Kate plus eight." What irks me is that TLC is going to pass Kate off as this single mom raising her eight kids alone. She is not raising those kids alone. I am a single mom who adopted her daughter when she was just 12 days old, on my own. Where is my show?
I don't have a stylist, housekeepers, nannies, a bodyguard and cadre of camera man following me around helping me raise my daughter. Yes, raising eight kids is a challenge but seriously, I am not getting $75,000 an episode and live in a million dollar ($1.5million to be exact) house like Kate. She is hardly this struggling single mom. It is an insult to single moms everywhere trying to keep it together with no help to put her in the same boat. 

I used to love the show but since the season opener when Jon and Kate announced their impending divorce to the tune of 10 million viewers, I have not watched it. The show has veered completely off course and become one big product placement. It is so pathetically staged that it is no longer worth watching, cute kids or not. I just don't care if Kate puts up a tent for a backyard camping expedition. Seriously, did we really believe she put that tent up herself? No, we did not! TLC should just pay out her contract and move on. This show is on its last legs.


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