Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mashable Link Round Up - August 1 Weekly Reading Pleasure

Here's a shout out to some of favorite posts of the week.

  • Parenting is not easy as we all know so I am always looking to other parents for tips. Loved the 3 parenting tips that Shinybrite uses to reign the chaos of the day. My favorite takeaway is if you're snacking, you need to sit. I am the master of multi-tasking but I need to reign that in and focus in on one task a time. Kids should focus on eating, not eating and walking. Read all of her parenting tips at
  • Leeks, what to do you with them? I never know. Shinybrite has a simple easy recipe definitely worth trying. I am going this week. 
  • Looking for a new diaper bag or a gift for friend, check out momfinds for cheap diaper bags. Where were these cool bags when my daughter was a baby? 
  • "Mom, do I look fat?" For someone who has been a diet since she was fifteen, I sooooo am not trying to pass along my "fatness" fear onto my daughter, the last thing I want her to do is start dieting the way I did. Donna Fish, a licensed clinical social worker provides tips for parents with tweens/teens over at Child Grows in Brooklyn. Well worth reading. 
  • I had no idea Vitamin D was so important for kids and me. A Child Grows in Brooklyn provides reasons why Vitamin D is so important for all of us and ways to get into our diet. 
  • Everyone who becomes a parent realizes pretty quickly, that we are winging it as parents every day. Mom delicious tells about her thoughts about a friends compliment "now you look a mother." We have all been there.
  • I love ad hoc moms mommy etiquette  in 8 simple rules - Every mom should read it and hopefully recognize themselves, I am talking to you moms who brag about what a difficult decision they have on which G&T school to go to.  
  • It's hot out people and like ad hoc mom, I am more than happy to stay in rather go to the playground in 95 degree weather with no shade. Read her bribery attempts to stay inside over braving the heat wave. 


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