Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 New Year's Resolutions

Here we go again. Like everyone else, I have a whole slew of resolutions that I would like to start and every year and each year,  they go the way of the wind. So again, we will try to accomplish something. You guys can keep me honest as to how I am doing.

1. Lose weight/Exercise more/Get Healthy - like Oprah, I have reached new heights in weight gain. I have been fooling myself for quite some time that I have not gained weight. 3 incidents have brought me down to reality that I need to get back on track.
  • My fat clothes are now my regular clothes.  
  • At a party last month, a friend was telling me how easy it is to get up  to the Target in Riverdale.  In the same sentence, she  mentioned that there was a Lane Bryant that we could also stop by on the way up. OMG, I have never been in a Lane Bryant in my life. I realized at that moment that she obviously thought I was that fat and should be shopping there.
  • My daughter made a comment that my tummy was a big as my brother's. Last time, she saw my brother he weighed over 300 pounds (he as since lost 60 pounds.) 
2. Get a handle on my finances and pull together a budget. Like most people, I have no idea how much I spend each week. Since I have recently lost my job, I don't have the luxury of being a spend thrift. Given the job market, who knows how long I will be unemployed and I just can't afford to spend as though it's 2007 (I long for 2007 when all was right in the world.)

3. Begin dating again or at the least "look" like I am looking.  I said this last year and I did absolutely nothing towards this goal. If I was seeing a shrink, I would link the cause to the weight gain. Who wants to date, when they don't feel attrative.

4. Start a small business or the least begin the process to start a small business.

5. Find a job, I like. Yes,  I have to find a job to keep a roof over our heads but I would actually like to find a job I like.

I know its seems like a lot but I look on this year as "YES WE CAN" year.


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