Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Trip to the movies Happy- Go- Lucky

Just came back from seeing Happy-Go-Lucky. On the one hand, I was surprised that  the theater was packed but on second thought I am sure that many people were looking for a pick me up movie on the first day of the new year. I was certainly looking for a movie with a happy message and it delivered.

Quick synopsis. Poppy, a quirky elementary school teacher who is always happy and positive no matter the situation. This movie pretty much follows her day to day life, interacting with her mates, colleagues and family. There is  story line involving her learning to drive with this odd, driving instructor who has some issues regarding immigration. 

At first glance, you are thinking that all will end well but this a Mike Leigh movie (Vera Drake, Secrets and Lies) so there are some pretty realistic situations. Poppy  is  actually quite good at being serious when she needs to be, This movie will appeal to you if you like quirky, english movies and are good at listening to north london accents. For me it was a little tough in some situations and I have seen plenty of english movies. There are some quotable quotes and some laugh out loud moments from various characters. 

The one thing I liked about this movie is that she is one of those people who always says hi when she enters a store or smiles at strangers on public transport and the person she is addressing always ends up looking like a wanker.  I am always in envy of those people because i truly think we should all be happy and positive as it helps your overall mental health. 

But since I live in NY, I can see how this person would be annoying since New Yorkers are always in a hurry, have no need to be nice and are skeptical that a friendly person is getting ready to scam them.    

My takeaway from the movie is tryyyy to slow down and be a little outwardly friendly versus walking through life with a scowl.

Given the choices out today, I would recommend this movie since it seems all the movies are just too much for me right now. 

What was your favorite movie of the holiday season? 


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