Friday, January 2, 2009

A Day at the Museum

After our playdate with my friend and her adorable daughter, we braved the bitter winter cold and headed to the Natural History Museum/Hayden Planetarium.

Since my friends lives uptown, I try to get a quick museum trip in so I at least get some culture in even if its only for  15 minutes.

I also like to take my daughter since it provides a reinforcement of the artists she learned about last year. She so far can identify Jackson Pollock, Degas and Matisse.

Unfortunately, my daughter was not interested in making the trip to the Met and insisted that we go the Hayden planetarium because she was "forgetting the planets". This I find hilarious request, since we literally race around the museum taking each item in less than 15 seconds,  this would include all the animal exhibits.

I was not happy with this turn of events since I try to avoid crowds especially at museums. Amusing isn't it, I live in a city of 10 million and I am trying to avoid crowds. The best strategy to avoid this is get to the museum before it opens  so at least avoid the crush of people. Alas, this was not meant to be.   Every exhibit was wall to wall people, it was hard to look at anything let alone read the exhibit labels which again is a joke since she  is just interested in looking at the exhibits and not listening to the drone of my voice.

The one thing that made it worthwhile is that she is  drawing and writing in her journal about the dinosaur exhibit (the pic above.) I love this stage of her development since it actually means she is finally stopping to think about what she is seeing and reporting back on it.

All in all a fun day.


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