Saturday, January 3, 2009

The trickle down impact to losing your job.

They say that for every finance related job that is lost in New York City, 4 people will be impacted. 

That is certainly the case for me, it's only 3 people, my cleaning lady, and 2 babysitters. 

I was laid off before Christmas, so the babysitters who pick Alex up after school were the first ones to be told that they did not have to pick her. 

The impact to them is not so dire since both have full time jobs and are losing $30-$45/week. That may not seem like much but I am sure in this economy its a lot.  I am not too heartbroken over this one since I like picking Alex up from school everyday. 

The cleaning lady on the other hand is another story. I don't care what anyone says, I really love having someone clean up my little 600 square apt but more importantly, do my laundry every week. I can not express the excitement that I feel on Thursday when I open the door and my apartment looks and feels  so wonderful.  Alex has even come to love Thursday for the same reason since her room looks all picked up with a freshly made bed. 

Yes, it's indulgent and probably somewhat decadent but the trade off is that I get to spend more time with Alex.  Let's face it, the downside to being  primary/only breadwinner is that you have to do everything. Doing laundry and cleaning my apartment is not how I want to spend my weekends especially in nicer weather. 

I could not bring myself to tell her I did not need her before Christmas but it had to be done and now its back to the drone of doing laundry every week. 

Wah, the violins are playing....


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