Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I feel refreshed or should I say my face feels refreshed.

Sadly getting older means having to think about how to go about making yourself look younger. This especially since whether you like it or not, young will always be in. Also the thought of going on interviews looking old and haggard is not an option.

As an effort to stave off the deathly pallor of winter and get rid those pesky dead skin cells,  I went into today for glycolic peel. Normally, I go into see a dermatologist who I really I like and respect. 

Given these trying financial times, I wanted to check out the competition and scheduled a appointment at Sensitive Touch (not meant to be an endorsement.) I know that its my face and I shouldn't skimp but hey  again its a recession. $200 vs $125 promotion. Which would you choose?

The session took about 30 minutes whereby the aestician administered the many liquids/concoctions on to my face. There was some tingling but nothing life threatening.  It seemed that easy before you know I am bonding with our boss. 

And do I feel refreshed. You better believe it. 

I would recommend this highly especially versus the OTC glycolic peel, The OTC barely touches the surface of the skin. You need to have somone come in apply the stronger formula.


Carmel said...

You are not old and haggard!

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