Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lapse Catholic - A Prayer

After my peel, I decided to walk before heading home. Of course, I am not sure walking in 20 degree weather after stripping away a layer of your skin is good idea but it felt good to be in the fresh air.

My journey downtown took me down 5th Avenue past  St. Patrick's Cathedral. Without fail, I was always stop into say a prayer. 

Prayers are personal but this is an extraordinary time in our history and I think that we as a country, friends and family all need a prayer. 

So to 
  • President Obama (I prayed to God that you can get us out of this mess)
  • My siblings (John and Cathy, please stay healthy or work on being healthy, that you find a job that you like, Cathy your business continues to grow)
  • My family (Dave and Susan, stay healthy and continue to be the loving grandparents to all of us)
  • My friends (be healthy, hope you find love and happiness, businesses continue to prosper and grow, children always provide love in your lives, your visas come through)
  • Alex and me - I know you shouldn't ask God to help you personally but again as an unemployed single mom but I did. Keep Alex and me healthy and help me find a job. 
Finally, I lit a candle for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan that they can come home soon to be with their families because no matter what I am going through they are making the greatest sacrifice so we continue to live in the greatest country in the world. 


Anonymous said...

Single Mom - I am praying along with you! Courage- it will all work out.

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