Sunday, January 18, 2009

Live at Buddakan - I could not resist the 70's reference

After 2 years, I am finally got to Buddakan. I wanted to go to fun and in place in honor of my friend, Elaine's stopover on the way to the inauguration.

I went through Amex Platinum concierge to book the reservation. Based on the fact that they weren't sure if I could a reservation and asked for a back up choice, I am assuming it is still a pretty hot place. Movie note: for those Sex and the City fans, it's the restaurant where Big and Carrie have their pre -wedding dinner.

As is the case with trendy restaurants, the crowd was attractive and nattily dressed even in 10 degree weather. We were seated upstairs overlooking the main room for which I was happy. I know the downstairs main room is the attraction with the ceilings and chandliers but it reminded me of the Hogwarts cafeteria; 30 feet communal tables, noisy and lots of horny kids.

I have to say that food was for the most part excellent.
Most notably, Hoisin Glazed Pork Belly (sounds icky but incredible taste worth ordering again), Sizzling spare ribs (exceptional)
Not so notably, General, Tso's dumplings (works if you like the general's chicken but nothing really special or memorable), ginger glazed carrots (Shirley was not happy with the selection and she was right not a great choice for some reason)

Service was excellent. I always like places that treat you like a celebrity even if your not because at the end of the day, we pay the bills.

All in all I would recommend going once for the experience but given all the great asian restaurants in NYC, I would pass on a 2nd round.

Note to owner: 2 bathrooms can not possibly accomodate 100 customers.

Pictures from the evening. As you can see, my picture taking ability leaves little be desired if the lighting is dark.


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