Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Losing the battle of the wallet

Like most americans, saving has not exactly been in my vocabulary for the last few years. Spend, baby, spend is my motto. This is why my priorities are completely out of whack.

Today, in order to save money , I decided to walk 10 blocks in 20 degree weather rather than spend $2.00 to take a crosstown bus to my yoga class.  This compared to spending $25 at Children's place. My rationale was that I was saving $20 by buying long sleeve shirts now   so I don't have to pay full price next winter.  

This makes no sense. 

$2 vs $25
Warmth or credit card debt


ss said...

What's the problem? This makes perfect sense!

I play only the $5 blackjack table and will never do more than double down on my $5 bet,.. but get me on the craps table, starting the same $5 and in 5 minutes if we haven't crapped out and I will have added $120 to my original $5 without batting an eye.

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