Monday, January 12, 2009

Lost 3 pounds - no idea how that happened

I have obviously fallen by the way side in writing everything down here as it does take a bit of time so I am going to keep a running log and give the highlights. 

Friday - Sat was a lost cause. Friday, I went to my friend Carmel's annual soup and salad. You would think that they would not be an issue. It's the champagne and wine that gets me everytime. I don't even know how many points I drank. 

Saturday was spent feeding my hangover. I think I actually had 2 breakfasts, one because I got up so early and the second one when alex got up 3 hours later. UGH!!

Sunday - I got back on track but did not do any exercising at all but had great intentions to do so. Darn those intentions. 


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