Saturday, January 10, 2009

Look forward to waiting for 8 hours to see the 44th president

I along with probably millions of people tried to get one of the 5000 bleacher seats that were sold to the public for next week's inaugural parade. 

My friend Elaine and I spent most of the morning strategizing on how were going to try to buy the tickets. I even called American Express to see if they could get tickets. Just imagine the two of us, with  2 phones redialing over and over again at the same time trying to get tickets online. I stayed on for a good 30 minutes even though I knew they were gone. 

Amex called me at 2 telling me that they couldn't even get tickets and they were sold out in 20 seconds. 

 I know there are scalpers who bought a lot of those tickets since as soon as I stopped trying, I went on ebay and the tickets were being sold for $2000.  Isn't there a law against marking up tickets by that much????!!!

I guess we will be bundled up with the other millions of people who will be braving the weather to see the 44th president be inaugurated. 


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