Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Reader

I had the chance to see "The Reader" tonight. Someone asked me if I liked it. Did I? I guess so. I I did not hate.  Would I recommend it? Not to pay $12.50. Definitely a rental. 

Quick synopsis: 15 year old boy gets sick in apartment vestibule,  meets older woman who helps him. He returns months later to say thank you after being in bed with scarlet fever. They begin affair (lots of nude scenes, full frontal male nudity, shots of Kate's natural breasts). He reads to her before lovemaking. She ends affair and moves away with no forwarding address. Years later, boy is now in law school attending a trial of nazi guards, finds out ex lover was a nazi guard. Lots of crying, soul searching..... She goes to prison... He is forever haunted by not coming forward with information that could help her case..... He can not connect with family, lovers, children.... They connect 20 years later.. There's more but it would ruin the ending

I don't know why but I just did not care or get some sort of something, something from this movie. I know I was supposed to be moved or cried but I just did not. 

Yes, the acting was exceptional from all the main characters. I can see why Kate Winslet was nominated for an Oscar but I wonder if there was some underlying WWII Nazi Concentration camp would this movie have the same buzz. If she were a brutal prison guard in English prison would we be talking about this. Ralph Fiennes did his tortured, soul bit. From the way this was shot, it looks like he's spent his whole never smiling. At some point in his life, he must have funny and charming because he obviously is able to seduce attractive woman as evidenced by the one scene. 

The one person who I think should have been nominated and is getting no recognition is the young actor, David Kross who plays the young Michael Berg as a teenager and college student. He was quite good for someone to play the awkward teenager in love and the thoughtful law student.

When I see movies like this I can see why the movie business is in trouble. Not that I want to see Mall Cop but really... 




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