Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gallery Hopping - Sundaram Tagore Gallery

My friend Stacey invited me to a Sundaram Tagore gallery   to view Korean artist Hosook 
Kang. The gallery is located over on the westside (and I mean westside 27th and 11th avenue). A lot a galleries these days seem to be on deserted streets. I was trying to conserve money by not taking a cab and as I was walking down the street with a closed down Scores (strip joint) and 1 restaurant, I was feeling just a tad bit afraid. 

It's been awhile since I have been to a gallery so I was looking forward to see art from a new source. The gallery focus mainly on Asian artists and has 3 locations (NYC, Beverly Hills and Hong Kong). It was a very interesting crowd, a mix of old and young, lots of Asians as you might expect. The space consists of one big loft space room and a couple of smaller rooms. All the walls were painted white which showed off Ms. Kang's work. 

I liked the artist's work, its all hand printed and is very lack of better word colorful, cheery but also subdued and quiet. Nothing controversial. It's actually the type of work, if I had a little money I would think of buying as I thought the pieces were pretty reasonable. Some of the smaller pieces were under $10,000. 

I forgot my camera so check out her work and see for your self. 


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