Monday, February 9, 2009

Dinner at Bar 6

It was Friday Fun Night so I had the chance to get out and have some adult conversation. Alex's pre-school has graciously allowed the graduates to attend FFF. FFF is held the first friday of the month and allows the parents a few hours at night to themselves at a nominal cost. Trust me from the time she was potty trained, I took full advantage to get out and party (kidding) until the late hour of 8:30.

I went to Bar 6 with Shirley and enjoyed a lovely conversation of nothing before her trip to Dublin.

I have to say that the place is an old standby in the neighboorhood. It does remind me of a french bistro. Okay food, pleasant people, average french bistro touches but it does the trick. Steak frite is a favorite of mine. It reminds of McDonalds, regardless of where you go in the world, you know what that it will be the same. The same with the steak frite, good but not great. The wine selection is average at best but it does the trick.

If you are going to meet people for drinks again its okay.


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