Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alex went to her first New York International Children's Film Festival

What I love about living in New York City is the opportunity to participate in activities that are unique. We went to New York  International Children's Film Festival to see a collection of short films from around the world. What I loved about all the shorts was that it showed the true creative nature and the possibilities when some big studio is not involved. The part I liked best is that Alex can see that there is so much more than Disney and Nickolodeon. The films made her really think about each of the films. 

Next year, I can't wait to see whats on the schedule next year. Alex will be 1 year older and we will be able to see more mature films. 

Aston's Stones (Sweden) was our favorite. 
The plot was so cute and unusual. The little dog, Aston picks up a rock on the way home one day, puts a hat on it and treats it like a baby.  Eventually, he picks up so many rocks that the house is covered with rocks. The rocks looked so cute covered in knitted caps. The doggy parents realize that something must be done and suggest to Aston that rocks should go on a vacation to the beach. Little Aston agrees that the rocks would be "happy" living at the beach fulltime. But as they begin to walk away, Ashton comes up to his parent with a twig and says he felt so sorry for the twig and it must be lonely.  Cute, no.


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