Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spent the morning with Martha Stewart

This morning, I had the pleasure of attending a taping of Martha Stewart. Quite a treat. Her production team is quite efficient in checking you in and getting you situated before the show. This I appreciate. 

Martha's studio was quite large and really looks quite homey. There was a bed made up to the side, which I have to assume were covered MS products sold at Macy's not K-Mart. There is pretty large garden area, a full size kitchen, and craft area. The studio audience set up was also quite large. The seats were not all squished together which I liked. There was also a huge window with the New York skyline albeit well know buildings scattered throughout but not to scale. 

Martha looked great. We weren' t that close so its hard to say if she has had worked done but from where we were sitting she didn't. She was defintely shorter and thinner than she looks on tv. 

Today's show included the actress, Marcia Gay Harden. Usually, people only have one thing to promote but Ms. Harden, the busy bee was promoting 3 things; her recurring role on the FX- series (Damages) with Glenn Close, a broadway role "God of Carnage" also starring James Gandolfini (aka Tony Soprano), Hope Davis and Jeff Daniels and some cause I forgot. 

Marcia Gay Harden is quite beautiful and tiny in person both height wise and weight wise. She was definitely thin but not too thin. It's hard to believe she is 49 because does not look it and it doesn't look she has any work done. 

She and Martha made some felt pillows that were covered in felt animals.  I was amazed that they both actually sewed the pillows. At one point in the segment, she mentioned that if you print the animal template on laser paper, you could just iron it on the felt and it would leave an impression for you to use as a cutting guide. She wanted to know if you could get 2 uses out of the printed paper and asked the segment person who was off camera. She said yes. Can you imagine, having Martha ask you a question on national tv and not have the correct answer or an answer. The pressure. 

All in all, the segment was well done, cute and both ladies seem to be at ease. I have never seen Ms. Harden interviewed previously but she seemed like she would be a fun dinner guest with lots of fun stories. 

The second segment featured Susan Solomon head of the National Stem Cell Foundation. According to Martha's opening, they met when Ms. Solomon came to dinner. This is chicken or egg situation. Was Martha on board with stem cell or was she introduced by mutual friend? Who knows or if I had time I am sure I could figure this one out.  I did not find the segment all that interesting. 

The last segment was about german sausage company, Schaller and Weber. This is how big New York city is, I have never heard of the place or even have a recollection of the place. Then again, how often do I have a hankering for sausage. 

After Martha taught us how to make wurst sandwich, I did get a hankering to try the recipe.

After the show, she stayed to answer questions. I did have a question regarding what type of knives that a 6 year old could use in the kitchen. She suggested I get a plastic cutting knife from a specialty store. She then went on to tell me that I should be encouraging her to use a peeler. Right. 

All in all, a great way to spend the morning. Finally, we left with t-shirt from the NY Stem Cell Foundation and a martha pin. 

I love freebies. 


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