Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dinner at Elettaria

Dining in New York City always is a challenge since there are so many restaurants to choose from. Now that I don't go as much because I also have to include a babysitter expense.

Last night, I had the pleasure of dining with my friend Stacey who is a true foodie. I don't see her as much as I would like but when we do, I can always count on her to come up with fun, trendy place to dine.

We went to Elettaria (a Latin word for green cardomom), on W. 8th Street in Greenwich Village. For non- New Yorkers, 8th Street was always known as the place to get shoes. In it's heyday, 3 years ago, there must have been at least 20 shoe stores on the block but as the neigborhood has grown up, so have the rents. There is actually history to the location which I think is neat. Jimi Hendrix, in his youth, headlined at the "8th Wonder", a music hall. The spot is now landmarked.

Elettaria is owned by Chef Akhtar Nawab and Noel Cruz. As you can imagine from their names, they bring a mish mash of cultural influences to the restaurant and the food. Both men are first-generation Americans.

Nawab is from India and Cruz is from the Philippines.

We both decided to have 2 appetizers instead of an appetizer and an entree. Let's face fact's, I am employed and am on Weight Watchers so keeping it small is a concern.

Of course, it did not prevent us from having cocktails.

On a scale of 1-10, I would say the food, decor and service was an eight.

The room was very appealing, not too crowded or loud. I liked that we were on the end in a little 2 seat banquette near the kitchen. The kitchen is open so you can see the staff cooking the dinners which I like.

The waitress was attentive and knowledgable.

I had the calamari salad and Pork ribs. Both were amazing to the tastebuds. The calamari salad had this exquisite flavor of pickled ginger. Definitely recommend it. The ribs literally fell off the bone and the sauce was amazing. Just perfect.

Stacey had the tuna and ribs as well. Her tuna was so smooth and tasty, even non fish eaters would want to try it.

We, of course, could not resist having dessert so shared milk donuts. Sounds weird, but they tasted pretty much like a zeppole.

Thorougly satisfying meal and I would definitely go again.


ss said...

8th Street was the place for shoes, but more importantly it was the place to bring your newspaper, raincoat and whatever else to the Rocky Horror Picture Show...where'd that disappear to....?

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