Saturday, March 7, 2009

I seriously need a romance or more friends

I won't divulge any personal information like Octomom but I seriously need to get a romance going. Yestersday, Alex attended Friday Night Fun Night. For those of you who are new, at Alex's former pre-school had extended hours on the first Friday of the month. Once the kids graduated, the owners graciously invited the alumnae to continue to partake until the kids are in first grade. 

So why do I need a romance or at best more friends. I literally invited 7 people to dinner since I was free until 8:30.  3 people had plans (other single moms no less), 4 people did not respond. 

I guess I should be happy right, since it meant that I wasn't spending money. I am unemployed after all. 

I wasn't so I went home and scrounged around in my freezer for some Trader Egg Rolls and watched TMZ to see the latest on Chris Brown/Rihanna. 


Ms. Latina on a Mission said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog Latina On a Mission and joining my giveaway!

As far as your post, I can relate! It's harder meeting people as we age (ahh the innocence of school children!) but there are some wonderful people out there... so be of good cheer it WILL happen ;) And considering that NY is so small we may already know each other and not know it so keep an eye out!

All the best,
aka Ms. Latina

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