Friday, April 10, 2009

I love Apple - let me count the ways

This is a blatant plug for Apple. 

I have two bad habits which at this stage in life, I am trying to change but most likely won't. One, I am a procrastinator and two, I hate to read instruction books. This is why I love having a Mac computer. I recently bought the 15" MacPro.  I had been leaning towards the 17" version which is what I had before but being unemployed, I could not really justify paying an additional $1,000 for 2" larger screen.  

Did you know that you can drop off your old computer (even if it's a PC) and they will data transfer all your old files onto your new computer. I am sure it probably a simple process one can do but I know me. Why not outsource and save your sanity. I mean,  it takes me 1/2 day just to figure out how to hook up my printer. 

So I dropped off my computer on Wednesday afternoon for them do the transfer. Lazy me, I also, asked them to set up the wireless mouse(s)/mice for both computers as well as install the office program.  Yes, they do that as well  although I am sure they are thinking what an idiot can't  you do that yourself.  The one thing I like about going to the Apple store is that you know that the employees must regale themselves at the ridiculous questions that their customers ask but to your face they are so nice and patient in answering all your questions without an ounce of frustration or sarcasm in their voice. 

Alas not  all is perfect in Apple land since there is a downside to having them do all the work. You have to give up your computer for 48 hours. What???!!!  Remember, the alternative is, me having trying to figure it out and spending precious time (more importantly brain cells) to do it. 

Well,  it only took 24 hours, full day earlier than expected. Yeah, Apple. You know how to manage expectations and engender loyalty. Say 48 hours and give the machine back in 24 hours. I am pretty sure the process takes 2 hours to do. 

Last note on going to the Apple Store for which I know I will offend the PC users but if the store is any indication, Apple users are just better looking than PC users. Every time I go the 14th store, I am amazed at the attractiveness of the people and not because they are young since the older people are attractive as well. 


ss said...

Can I do this if I have had my mac for awhile?... ok a year! I started fresh and still have lots of stuff on my old rotting, dusty pc that I would like to get on my mac.

Buffyfan said...

yes you can definitely do it with an old mac. My first mac was 6 years old. Its worth it just because it saves so much time.

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