Friday, April 10, 2009

Spot A Mom Event hosted by hosted an event to launch their Spot a Mom Movement campaign. The party was held at the Martinelli Penthouse at the Buckingham hotel on 57th Street. A little bit of history on the penthouse apartment, it was formerly the residence of Giovanni Martinelli, an opera singer who performed at the Metropolitan Opera from 1921 until 1946.

The view from the penthouse was quite spectacular, with a view of Central Park. The terrace is part of two-room duplex apartment. I could not imagine being lucky enough to live in such a spectacular location with that view. Next to having a washer/dryer in my apartment, being able to entertain on a terrace is my dream. 

All the guests that were invited were New York City mom bloggers. I give the company credit for embracing bloggers to promote their company and the spot a mom movement. Very natural fit. What goes together better than flowers and moms? 

Jim McCann, the CEO was there to promote the event and mingle with the mom bloggers. He was quite gracious and personable, much like he appears in the company ads. Again, he completely embraced the blogging world and really worked the room. His wife, daughter and granddaughter were also at the event. From his comments, it sounds like they are all in the family business. Nice. 

Julie Mulligan, a floral lifestyle expert was also at the event to promote unique floral arrangement. I arrived early so I was able to get a tour from her of all the floral arrangements at the party. One of the most creative arrangements was the DIY rose covered shoe. While yes, the company is there to sell flowers, but Ms. Mulligan's mantra was about thinking out of the box when coming to the use of flower containers, meaning, instead of using a boring old vase, use interesting vessels to use as flower vases. I have to say that 
after she said that I realized that I have so many interesting items lying around my house that I could use as flower vases.

Take the time and spotlight a mom in your life. It never hurts to take the time to tell your mom or another mom (your sister, aunt, grandmother) in your life how you feel about them.

As a added benefit, the company is featuring a daily winner on the site with one lucky mom being awarded a trip Beaches Turks and Caicos or Jamaica. You have until April 29, 2009 to submit your entry. 


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