Thursday, April 30, 2009

I really need to have more breakfast meetings

I just spent a fun 2 hours at  Pastis, a meatpacking district favorite,  catching up with an ex- colleague of mine from Amex, who is also unemployed. Seriously, if you have to meet someone for breakfast, you might as well go to a hip, cute place instead of a boring diner. A diner may  be more practical and cheaper but you won't be seated next to Sam Mendes (director and Kate Winslet's husband) or cute guys pulling out their black card.

I had the scrumptious eggs benedict and my friend had scrambled eggs with Norwegian salmon or as she put it lox. 

They were extremely generous with the coffee and let us linger until 11.

A fantastic way to spend the morning. 


Anonymous said...

That indeed a fun breakfast. Have lots more of them!

Buffyfan said...

I should take advantage right. Why not? It was after all a business meeting.

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