Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Now it's hip to go to public school in New York City

I remember this time last year being saddened that my little Alex was rejected by all the  private schools we applied to. Mind you, I did not have the financial resources to pay $30, 000 in tuition but no matter, I was still upset by this outright rejection.  I could go on about the private school nonsense but that is another post. 

So here we are one year later and according to the Sunday New York Times article, people are now scrambling to get their kids into a "good" public school because they can't afford private school.  

Don't think for one moment, I feel bad for these people. If anything I am angry. Because of these people, the schools will be overcrowded next year. 

Alas, I have to think positively in that we get more affluent parents at Alex's school and the funding for the extras will increase. 


Anonymous said...

Yes. What a circus the NYC private school application process is. It's about everything but the kid.

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