Friday, May 22, 2009

Sneak Peak at Jon and Kate plus 8 season premiere.

Click here for sneak peak of Monday's season premiere of Jon and Kate plus 8. Boy, they look really uncomfortable sitting on the "loveseat" talking about their recent marital woes. Look how far apart they are.

Although, this was taped months ago, I will be watching the premiere, looking for every nuanced word and glance as will the legion of fans and detractors.

TLC executives must jumping for joy at all the tabloid press.

I guarantee the Monday show will garner the highest ratings in the channel's history.

As P. Diddy says, it all about the benjamins baby.

For newbies, go to to check out priceless clips from earlier episodes. I would have included them but embedded option was removed which I am sure TLC or most likely Kate requested.


Parental Chaos said...

Part of me thinks, they are doing this for the ratings as a publicity stunt, and then part of me says "ahh it all makes sense now"...but all of me feels for those poor kids that got put in the middle of mommy and daddy...or more like mommy, wanting fame and fortune.

Anonymous said...

no sympathy here. you make your family your meal ticket then you have to expect people to dig.

hard to view them as good christians or good parents.

Buffyfan said...

I do feel for the kids a little but frankly good or bad, Kate/jon made a pact with the devil and the kids are financially set. What would ahve happened if they hadn't gotten on the reality $$$/Book gravy train?

Kate looks so miserable in every interview that if this a publicity stunt she is one great actress and should pack up her backs for hollywood now.

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