Friday, May 22, 2009

Shame on the NY Times - First African American to run Xerox story does not warrant above the fold placement

I was quite pleased and disappointed by the news that Ursula Burns will be taking over Xerox. Pleased because she is the first African American woman to take over a company of Xerox's size. This is really an accomplishment. She has been moving up the ranks for years and is finally getting her due.

Disappointed because the New York Times did not give it more prominence. I, personally, think it warrants front page status or at the least top of the fold billing.

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Parental Chaos said...

I agree if not on the front page at the very least a top fold page....

Buffyfan said...

One of my friends who completely agrees told me that WSJ gave it major attention. I found out too late and did not see the paper. WSJ got cut from the budget long ago.

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