Sunday, May 31, 2009

Who in their right mind would buy this?

Imagine my surprise or horror when I happened upon this in today's newspaper. 

You know can have your very own Michelle Obama Inaugural Doll dressed in her now famous Jason Wu white chiffon gown, all for the low price of $149 plus shipping. 

I will credit's artist for actually capturing her image quite nicely. I was amazed at the accuracy of their rendering of the first lady. When you zoom in on the doll's face,  her  smile, hair and skin coloring all actually look like her. 


Hit 40 said...

Creepy Doll. I thought your opening comment about who would buy this - was about the dress!!!

I found your site on blogcatalog :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I Just wanted to mention that you name the designer of the dress as Jason Lim, when it is actually Jason Wu

Buffyfan said...

Thanks for the correction, I think I was too shocked about the doll and I was thinking of Phillip Lim for some reason. I updated my posting with the correct name.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this is a photo of the actual doll but a real photo of Michelle Obama. This company is notorious for deceptive advertising of their dolls.

Buffyfan said...

It does look awfully lifelike right? I have no idea about the quality of products from Danbury Mint but I just cant imagine they can make a doll look so much like her.

Thanks for the feedback on the products from the company.

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