Monday, June 22, 2009

Buffy vs Edward (Remix) - Pretty Entertaining

If you are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Twilight, you will appreciate the incredible editing job of this video. I have to say as a huge fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar, the Scooby Gang and David Boreanaz, the Twilight cast can't even begin to compare BTVS show's characters.

Seeing this makes me miss Buffy even more, the writing, the acting and the hotness and chemistry between Buffy and Angel. And no matter how you slice it, David Boreanaz was/is/always will make a hotter, smarter vampire and love interest than Pattinson will ever be. Boreanaz was a man and well, Pattinson has the screaming teenagers. 

Sadly, the original characters are too old to make a movie now and have gone on to do other things.

Enjoy the video, it's pretty funny.


Nicole said...

I almost spit my tea out when I watched this clip! The scene where edward says "I want to try something" and then you see him flying out the window was too much! I added you to my blogroll, and I'm a follower! Keep up the good work!

Buffyfan said...

Glad you enjoyed the video. I thought it was well done with someone with a LOT of time (and more power to them)

Thanks for adding me your blogroll and became a follower.

Are you a fan of both shows?

Nicole said...

I actually prefer Buffy. Buffy and Angel could show Bella and Edward a thing or two, about passion and intensity. Twilight is entertaining enough, but I like my vampire stories more erotic, and sexual [hey, i'm grown!]

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