Monday, June 15, 2009

Imagine That - Pedestrian and Predictable

If it weren't for the rain,  I would have gladly chosen the park or cleaning my kitchen cabinets over seeing this boring movie. I will agree that it is a family friendly movie in which you will occasionally laugh or maybe chuckle and it will definitely hold your child's attention. That said, there was nothing original about this movie we haven't seen before.

Plotline in a nutshell. Divorced parent absorbed with work,  ignores/doesn't understand child, parent stuck with child for extended period of time,  child helps parent find child - like inner self, parent realizes his child is more important than work. Happy ending. Been there, done that. See The Game Plan with the Rock aka Dwayne Johnson.

Eddie Murphy was cute and still funny but where did his career go? With the exception of Dreamgirls, he has been mired in so many bad family comedy movies, it's hard to remember that he was ever one of the greatest comedians of this generation. The daughter, Olivia (Yara Shahidi) was cute and adorable but her character did not make sense. Seriously, if a second grader came to school and could not separate from her go gaa (blanket) and sat in the playground talking to imaginary friends, the school would have recommended therapy. The parents did not seem to think this was an issue??? And why was it that the father had no idea the daughter had imaginary friends. Did he only see her once a year? 

If you have kids, go see it, otherwise skip it. 


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