Saturday, June 13, 2009

Megan Fox is One Pretty Girl

With the upcoming Transformers movie release, Ms. Fox is getting a lot of press and with those looks, who would you rather look at her or Shia Labeouf. Hence why she is on the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly, not Shia. 

Sex and babes always sells magazines. 

Hope her acting is better in the sequel but for the Transformers audience, I am pretty sure they are not going to the movie for the acting. 

BTW, her waist is 22 inches. Last time my waist size was 22 inches, I was in junior high. 

For inspiration or someone to hate today, check out the rest of the EW exclusive photos of Ms. Fox.  


Jennifer said...

LOL @ "For inspiration or someone to hate today"!

Anonymous said...

Oh, to be blessed with great genes. The real story and the one that I wish those glossy magazines would run is on the the extreme things a girl must do to have a 22 inch waiste.

Haley said...

Wow she really is skinny. She needs to eat more.

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