Friday, June 26, 2009

Kindergarten is Over - Where did the time go?

 Seriously, where did the time go? It seemed like yesterday that I was getting ready for the start of the Kindergarten and now it's over. We both survived and
So what did my daughter and I accomplish this past year (because it's not all about her, right?):

  • She learned to read and quite well I might add (yes, I am bragging and for parents whose kids started in pre-school, let me have my moment). Trust me when I say back in October, when she told me she was going to read a book instead of me reading to her, I was skeptical but she did it. Happy Tears ensued.  Now, she is reading chapter books. Yeah!!
  • Her  drawings of people now have arms. Whether they had arms or not was not on my radar screen as being bad or good, I just thought, okay, she will never be a great artist. But in my first parent/teacher conference, this was one of the positive comments the made. She is developing as she should because her stick figures now have arms. Whew! Huh?? What you don't know, right?
  • I made new parent friends which is great since it takes awhile for me to meet new people.  One benefit to being unemployed is that you actually get to be part of the afterschool "park" scene. I was completely taken aback by the number of stay at home moms. Sure in private school, you expect to see this but public school? 
  • I learned what  TERC math is - get the wallets out. Math tutors, here we come.
  • I started my blog. This has provided me with the incredible opportunity to meet new bloggers, learn about social media firsthand (making me more marketable, blogging does not pay the bills), all things I would not have done if I was still unemployed. Cliche, "lemonade out of lemons." 
  • Improved my health - because I don't work 10-12 hours/day, I work out more and eat healthier. As a result, I have lowered my blood pressure, avoided going having to take blood pressure medicine and lost about 8 pounds. 
  • Connected with former colleagues - again being unemployed has reconnected me with colleagues from another era.
Next stop camp and for me, only time will tell. 


SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

Congrats!Kindergarten is a big milestone. Maybe even bigger for parents than for kids.
Congrats on your personal achievements as well! Your daughter is adorable! check me out ;)

Nicole said...

I remember Kindergarten vividly. My daughter is only 21 months old, so I have some time! I'm sure I'll be crying!

Buffyfan said...

Nicole, you remember Kindergarten vividly. Good for you. I am so envious of people who can remember details from such a young age. I have spotty memories of elementary school and sadly, both my parents are deceased so there is no one to ask.

Jenne said...

Way to go, Linda and Alex.
A congratulatory pizza party is definitely in order!

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