Friday, June 26, 2009

Single Moms are not the only ones with yellow teeth.

As most of you know, ad sense serves up ads based on key words. I am always disturbed by the ads that pop up for single moms.  Apparently, all single moms are in debt or need to date but this one takes the cake. 

First, this is just plain disgusting to have served up on a dating site. Somewhat distracting and off putting when you are thinking of taking the plunge back into the dating scene. Would you want to click on this or look at potential mates? Decisions, decisions. 

Okay, so the black lips caught my eye first and then I noticed the copy above. It reads, "Read a single mom's trick to whiter teeth. Now add that to list of things single moms, yellow teeth. 


Nicole said...

You, know I noticed these ad's too,and they are pretty offensive. I guess being a single mom is linked to poor dental care? [rolling eyes]

Buffyfan said...

I am glad I am not the only who noticed them.

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