Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let's harken back shall we, before TMZ and the Tabloids, Jon and Kate plus 8 20 Unforgettable Moments

Entertainment Weekly Online has compiled J&K + 8 - 2o Unforgettable Moments. 

Proud to say I remember them all. Life was good when they weren't on the cover of every tabloid.

Still my favorite episode is when Kate looks like she could kill poor Aunt Jodi's for her rather dumb move to give the 3 year olds gum. On this one, I would agree with Kate because I am sure I would be cursing and ranting and raving too if I had to sit there and try to get gum out of my kids clothes. 

Enjoy this trip through happier times before the "big" announcement on Monday night.

'Jon & Kate': 20 Unforgettable Moments -

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