Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NYC Moms are abuzz - Cupcake Battle on the Upper West Side

This story ran in the New York Times yesterday about a mom on the Upper West Side who is battling with her children's school over having cupcakes/sugary foods at the monthly birthday celebrations. 

While I don't agree with the woman's tactics and  she sounds like she has eating disorder problems which she is most likely going to pass down to her kids, she is right on the issue of the overabundance of sugar at birthday celebrations

At my daughter's school, also a public school, each parent is responsible for bringing in food for the birthday celebration. While I don't have an issue with the occasional cupcake or donut at a birthday party. In March, my daughters' birthday  month, there were five, yes, five birthday celebrations which means she had cupcakes and donuts five times. In my opinion, there should  just have 1 combined monthly birthday celebration and call it a day.

Trust me read the story, if you have the time. It's funny because it does make the woman sound like a nut case even though she is right. 

Bottom line, nobody likes a shrill crusader. 

Just curious, what is the policy at your child's school?


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