Tuesday, June 16, 2009

PF Flyers - Gift with Promotion at Saks Fifth Avenue New York

To introduce their PF Flyers Kids line, Saks Fifth Avenue New York is running a gift with purchase promotion beginning June 18. 

If you buy one pair of adult PF Flyers, you will receive from a select number of PF Flyers kids shoes, valued at $40.  

Just a little history about PF Flyers  (trust me I forgot.)

PF Flyers is one of those original American sneaker brands. P and F stand for Posture Foundation, not so sexy sounding is it, but the shoe design has been updated and evolved into a modern style for you cool chicks out there, who are looking for both function and style in a sneaker. Believe you me, it's hard to find a "sneaker" that does both without not looking too young, outlandish or that you are trying to hard to be in.

Here is one of the women's sneakers from the current line which I think is pretty cute.

And here are the kids shoes that are the gift with purchase- funky, classic, cool. 

This promotion is for the Saks Fifth Avenue New York store only. I wish this was available online because as we all know, you can't always get out to a store. 

Take note Saks and PF Flyers for your next promotion. On the other hand, I am sure that from a bottom line perspective, sales versus profit margins has to be a concern in this tough retail market. 


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