Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Blast From My Fashion Past - Tretorn Tennis Shoes

Yesterday, I was in Soho on a mission to check out furniture at Room and Board and what caught my eye, the Tretorn store. Yes, the Tretorn store.

Do you remember Tretorns? I was such a fan back in the day. I must have worn those shoes all through high school and college.

I had been looking for sneakers for awhile and none really struck my fancy. My problem was that I was searching for something hip and cool. Instead the clean lines of the Tretorn Nylites with it's distinctive "v" toe shape and familiar gullwing logo was all I needed.

Just trying on the shoe brought a thrill to my step. I was so happy when I slipped them on that I literally jumped up and down and did a little jig (yes, a jig) in the store. I am sure that I gave the German tourists in the store something to talk about at dinner.

How funny is that that a pair of tennis shoes can make one so happy.

But fret not, I will not be reaching back and start wearing my other 1980s regalia; Lacoste shirts tucked inside my button down shirts, Topsiders, kilts, Papagallo bags, fair isle sweaters or better yet monogrammed sweaters will all stay tucked away in my memory.

Wow, how scary is that. I was such a preppie.


JosiahsMommy said...

Lol. They are cute... In that preppie sort of way. ;-)

Buffyfan said...

Yes they are preppie not in a sort of way. WAY!!

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