Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mosquitos Be Gone - Avon's Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Does the Trick

My daughter is going to summer camp for the first time this year. While she is excited to be able to go swimming twice a day and basically, play all day, the flip side is that she was a little scared of the big, bad, biting mosquitos. I know, such a city kid.

So I was thrilled to be able to try Avon's Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus to combat those pesky bugs. According to Avon, SSS Bug Guard time-release technology is supposed to create an invisible barrier that provides eight hours of protection against certain insects while the SPF 30 also, provides a water-resistant sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

Sounds great to me, sunscreen and bug spray in one.

Since we have tried the product, my daughter has had no complaints about mosquitos biting her. This is a big change from the first week of camp, where everyday, she showed me little welts from the bites and I had to apply itch creme to get her to stop scratching to avoid opening the skin. Plus, the smell is nice versus the bug spray we were using before.

Going forward, Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus is my go to product because in the end, there is definitely a cost savings since I don't have to buy two products, sunscreen and bug spray, now it's just one.

If you want to see how the product actually works, here is a Today Show segment that shows that Avon product with it's patented IR 3535 in action. It is definitely a winner.


Go to to purchase the product.


JosiahsMommy said...

Bug Guard is awesome! I love it. It's one of my best sellers as an avon rep. Let me know if you want to review any other avon products. Maybe we can work something out. :)

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