Monday, October 12, 2009

Tribeca Cinemas Kids Club - Movie Festival for the Under 15 Set

While I am okay with Disney and Pixar movies, I am always looking for alternatives so that my daughter has a well rounded movie education. So I was very excited to hear that Tribeca Cinemas is launching a youth screening series this fall programmed by the Tribeca Film festival team called the Tribeca Cinemas Kids Club.

The Club will feature a lineup of classics, both feature length and short films, appropriate for all ages accompanied by an enriching activity tied to the film for kids and adults to enjoy, including question and answer sessions, arts and crafts, and live music – and only healthy snacks will be served!

Movie Selections are broken by age so movies geared towards 3+ are scheduled for the morning sessions and movies geared for 7+ are in the afternoon.

The first film in the festival on November 7 includes Mad Hot Ballroom and I think children who are 7+ will love it. I saw this movie when it first opened and just fell in love with all the kids in the movie. If this doesn't get your kids in music and dancing, nothing will. This screening includes Q&A with the filmakers and students featured in the movie so your kids will have a wonderful opportunity to ask questions about the making of the movie.

Check out the entire line up of movies in the festival at


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