Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Carnival at Bowlmar - Amusing Yes, Worth it No!

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Last weekend, we went to check out the newest downtown hotspot, Carnival. Carnival is located above Bowlmar Lanes near Union Square. Carnival offers games of chance dunk tank, fish pong, Basketball throw and BB Guns to test your skill. By day, the venue is very kid friendly and by night a playground for adults.

I can only speak for the venue as a diversion for children. As you can imagine, my daughter had a great time. Who wouldn't? It's not every day you get to play these games and it was different. However, as fun and exciting as it was is that it is not somewhere you can go on a regular basis with a child. Children are going to want to play the games over and over again, whild adults will want to play a few games, drink and hang out. We spent close to $40 on just tickets, no food or drink in less than an hour. How is that possible? Each game cost 3 or 4 tickets. Trust me, we ran through those tickets pretty fast. If it weren't for the pool table, we would have been done in 45 minutes.

Yes, I would recommend Carnival for kids as a once a year treat but that's about it. Even if I had a ton of money, $40 an hour to entertain your child is crazy and imagine if you had more than one child. I almost afraid to find out how much a party would cost.


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