Friday, October 16, 2009

Wonder Woman to Vampire in One Year

Last year, my daughter wanted to be Hannah Montana for Halloween. Since I can't stand HM, I put the kibosh on that choice. After paging through a costume catalog (isn't amazing how they find you), she chose Wonder Woman. Great, who doesn't want their daughter to be super heroine. I loved it.

This year, I am thinking what cute costume we will find. After seeing the Pottery Barn kids catalog that featured Halloween costumes, I fell in love with the cupcake costume. When I showed that to my daughter her response was "No, way, jose." Where do they learn, these phrases?

"Look how cute you would be, you love, cupcakes." I pleaded with her.
"I want to be a vampire," she said and walked off. Needless to say, I stood there stunned.

Seriously, how did we go from Wonder Woman to a Vampire in one year? After this crazy conversation, she comes in to tell me that she not only wants to be a vampire but she wants a cape, teeth and blood for her face. A cape?
"Capes are for boys, " I say.
"I don't care," she retorts.
She then proceeds to get a towel and throws it around her shoulders, imitating a vampire and walks off.

This is the cute and cleaned up version. I look so forward to the teeth, blood and nails version.


Nicole said...

I love the Vampire way more than that cupcake! I have to side with your daughter on this one! By the way, Batgirl, and super girl wear capes! Girl power!!

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