Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon - Team Jacob vs Team Edward

Along with every tweener/teenager in America that will make New Moon the number 1 movie the country this weekend, I saw New Moon. Why? Who knows? Because I hate to be left out (self-esteem issues) even if I am not the target demographic.

I went to the Friday morning showing and the majority of people were over 25. I have a feeling they were skipping work to see the movie. Were there any guys? Yes, but you could tell they were dragged there by there girlfriend/wives.

So how was it? Better than the first installment, Twilight, that is for darn sure. If not for the acting of Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward) with all their wistful, longing and mournful looks saying lines that would have you laughing in the aisles if said by any other actors, they pull it off. Let's face it, if I were 15, I would be swooning. Every so often, I did get a little bored, it did not need to be two hours long but I guess we needed to advance the Jacob/werewolf story line.

Much has been written about Taylor Lautner's transformation from geeky 15 year old to adding 30 pounds/getting buff to play Jacob the werewolf. And yes, the work paid off and he is hot (a little cougar creepy comment given he is under 18) but he can't act. Edward is gone through out most of the movie and hard to believe it but I was happy that he finally appeared in the last quarter of the movie.

All in all, would I recommend it, sure why not? So am I Team Jacob (half-naked, six pack, hairless werewolf) or Team Edward (pale, twinkly, thin, slightly hairy vampire)? I am going with Team Jacob

Last word on the vampire/mortal love story. Compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel combo, there is no comparison. Sarah Michelle Geller as Buffy and David Boreneaz as Angel were a hotter couple and better actors. And while Buffy had the OMG!, my boyfriend is vampire who leaves/tries to kill me funks, she was the Slayer. A strong role model for girls. Her purpose was to save the world, not mope around.

When the time comes, I would introduce my daughter to Buffy Vampire Slayer vs Twilight.


Divina said...

I read the series and loved the books. I was so disappointed by the 1st movie I am swearing of the movies. But after your review I may go but I have a long list of movies to see like Fantastic Mr. Fox. P.S. I am team Edward all the way.

Dean Sanderson said...

from the point of view of someone who really enjoyed the books, i thought New Moon (the movie adaptation) was entertaining, true to the book too

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